Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Better Late than Never

So I swear I am not a very emoitional guy, in fact in the past I have had students tell me that they didn't believe I possessed any feel goods. So this post is as hippie/new age as I can get. My mother's family owns a farm in southern Idaho that I have always loved. It is one of those places that just feels like home. In fact it is the only place I have been to that I feel like is a part of me or I am a part of. Now I know several Westerbergs that read this will cry foul and point out that I grew up in California and spent far less time at the farm then they did (Bryan, Sara, and Matthew you can freely make this claim seeing that you were raised there). Of course this is true. But as a youth growing up in Stockton, I longed to be on the farm with Sara fishing, riding horses or all other sorts of other outdoor experiences. I suppose that what I am trying to say is that I love this place in a almost unqualified way and strongly desire to share it and its significance with my boys. So I was elated when I was invited by my Uncle Steven to go deer hunting with him on the farm so here are a few photos of the trip.
Dallin's favorite part of the trip uncle Terry let him help operate a bulldozer. Honestly a life list for Dallin. Uncle Terry and Aunt Wendy thank you so much.
Dallin on one of the many four wheelers at the farm, he loved the rides we took on the machines. We even got Grandma Rust to go for a ride.
What trip to an Idaho farm would be complete without a picture of an old truck.
Dallin wouldn't leave without a picture of the back hoe. Sorry no deer photos. Unfortunately the deer won this time. Hopefully next year I will be invited again and have a few more days to spend hunting at the family farm.
Thanks to the Westerberg family for so kindly allowing my son and I come to this magical place, you have always made me feel at home and welcome on the farm.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stay Classy San Diego

While in San Diego we also visited Sea World. It was a cool overcast day which turned out to be perfect since we had no lines and good seats at all of the shows and rides.
We of course paid too much for this activity, but I have to say I will do it again for Preston when he is old enough to enjoy it. Feeding and petting the dolphins was a highlight for me and Dallin, and no I won't tell how much it cost or how many fish we got. Just know that memories are priceless.
I was so proud that I got Dallin to go on this ride it is called Journey to Atlantis. This was his first roller coaster. He really actually enjoyed it and we stayed mostly dry. Thanks to the weather we walked on.
Sadly not everyone had such a good time, Janessa's phone got ruined and Melissa was wet the rest of the day.
The Dolphin show was cool and a little Las Vegasish. The boys loved it except that it rained through the whole show and was a little to cool for comfort.
Sea world has a very fun activity area for kids. This was an elevated area with lots of bridges and cargo nets for climbing. We lost Preston several times and I finally had to climb up and join the fun in order to keep tabs on Preston. The boys cried when we had to leave.
Who knew that Sea World was in cahoots with Sesame Street, Preston does love the Elmo.
These three boys were essentially inseparable the entire trip. We are so thankful that Lincoln and his parents were able to come. It would have been far less fun without them.
Whales are amazing and sadly I must admit I came home feeling a little bit more green.
This is Julie pretending to enjoy the ride it turns out she is not so much a fan of the heights and it doesn't help that her idiot husband likes to get the gondola rocking.
Preston enjoying the Polar bear.
Preston pointing out to Julie that not only is he built like the polar bear but he also shares the same hair color (that isn't totally true Preston is a little bit lighter).
The San Diego temple - Julie and I love to see Temples and try to seek them out when possible on trips. The San Diego temple is a unique looking temple as it is the only temple to be designed by someone that is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ( I was told that by a San Diego native Mormon, not my fault if its not true).
Julie and I are so thankful that we were sealed in the temple and are an eternal family. The spirit is strong even when separated by a fence.

The Mormon Battalion in San Diego

During our trip t0 California we were able to visit the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in San Diego and it was awesome.Finally a gun that is big enough! Thanks Dallin for finding it.

This is a long story and I will understand if you just pass on by and scan the photos instead. During the tour of the Mormon Battalion Historic Site, they choose someone to dress like a member of the battalion, and this time they choose Dallin. For him this was a dream come true. Anyways, Dallin got all dressed with a gun, powder box, bayonet, canteen and finally they showed him a backpack. The Sister missionaries told Dallin about how the members of the battalion could only care their most loved and cherished possessions in their packs. Then the Sisters asked Dallin what he would carry in his pack and Dallin answered my scriptures. There was a group aahhh, and Julie and I were shocked at the answer. Needless to say we were pleased, thanks to Julie we have amazing kids.
Both the boys loved the gold panning activity.

Our honorary Mormon Battalion Photo, Honestly this was way cool and I strongly recommend the tour to all who visit San Diego.
This was a point of controversy, Julie and I really like to eat at neat and unique restaurants when we travel and we couldn't resist this Diners,Drive Ins & Dives location in San Diego. We were surprised and happy when the whole Farmer family decided to come.

Sadly it takes time (almost an hour) for good Sea Food. We waited for a very long time and tempers were near boiling point when the food finally came but it was well worth the wait. Hands down the best sea food I have ever had.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Farm Photos

The Rust slash Bushman Family.
Julie is the most beautiful girl it shows in the photo and the boys faces.
Jared & Cassandra flew out from New Jersey to see their families and we were so glad to see them. It was our families first time ever meeting Annemarie, and only our second time seeing Elise.
8 Years Strong
Mom has always has a preoccupation with poop.

Mom and her two little Prince's.
It was rodeo season in Spanish Fork during July and thanks to Grandma the boys were well outfitted and wouldn't separate from their hats or boots.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So This Is How Its Done

The title is all I am willing to say!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Little Augustus Gloop

Julie was a little rushed yesterday preparing for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and as a result left out some candy downstairs. Julie, Dallin, and myself were upstairs sorting through the loot that Dallin had gotten at the said hunt. Preston was uninterested and went down stairs. At least an hour had passed and we hadn't heard or seen Preston the whole time which is extremely unusual, so Julie went to check on him and this is what she found.
Preston had located and secured for himself some Easter candy, Julie and I assume that Preston had been eating for the entire hour. Our conclusion was supported by the amount of candy that was no longer there. Here Preston is cramming it in as fast as possible while Julie and I cleaned up the remaining candy.
In this Picture I count 6 jelly beans in his mouth with several on the floor that had been ejected by his mouth due to limited capacity.
This is my favorite picture, because you can see that the addict is now questioning the wisdom of his decision to partake of so much candy in such a short amount of time.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Under Siege

The movie was horrible I realize, but as a 12 year old kid Steven Seagal was the man. For those of you not familiar with the film Steven was a former Navy seal turned navy cook that rescues hundreds of captive sailors on board a Battleship. Preston would give any terrorist a run for their money.